Tmux cheat sheet


I am trying to use tmux more than screen, but a cheat sheet could be usefull.

Quick and dirty tmux

  • detach from window

    ctrl-b d

  • list sessions

    tmux ls

  • connect to session

    tmux at -t

  • create session

    tmux new -s "session_name" "command"

  • create detached sessioni

    tmux new -d

Extra info

split window in multiple pane

  • split horizontal ====

    ctrl-b "

  • split vertical ||

    ctrl-b %

  • move to other pane

    ctrl-b cursor-key-direction

  • move to other pane using numbers

    ctrl-b q + number of pane you want to go (when you type q yo see the number of the panes)

  • rotate panes

    ctrl-b ctrl-o

  • reverse rotate panes

    ctrl-b ctrl-alt-o

multipel windows (like tabs)

  • create new window

    ctrl-b c

  • go to specific window

    ctrl-b 0 t/m 9

  • go to next window (tab)

    ctrl-b n

  • go to previous window

    ctrl-b p

mouse mode

  • set mouse mode

    ctrl-b :set -g mouse on|off

or add it to ~/.tmux.conf

synchronize panes,

  • type in all windows

    ctrl-b :setw synchronize-panes on

  • type in all windows off

    ctrl-b :setw synchronize-panes off

More info: stackoverflow

work in progress, because it's my cheat sheet


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