This is the first time in the history of Arch Linux that a GUI installer has been available!

Fu-rch is an “authentic” Arch Linux installer, it does not install a distro derived from Arch!  The live CD comes loaded with the Fu-rch GUI installer, gparted for editing the partitions your HDD prior to installing Arch, pacaur AUR, a command line AUR package installation helper, and pkgbrowser, a GUI Arch repo and  AUR package browser.

The Fu-rch installer is different than most current Linux GUI installers in the following ways

First, this installer, to complement the rolling release model Arch uses, actually downloads all the packages to build your new Arch install during the installation process. To be clear, if you used this installer on say Monday, then again on Friday of the same week, the individual packages in each installation would be different due to the constantly updated packages in the Arch repos. This assures you always have a current snapshot of Arch Linux installed with the most current packages from their repos.

Second,  it’s different in that you can change the list of individual packages installed on your new Arch installation if you have preferences. This feature would likely interest the more experienced Arch users as they will have established what they want to have installed regarding individual packages. This would also be great way to preload propriety video drivers.